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Bid Request: RFP for Mound City sewer CCTV work

The City of Mound City is requesting bids for CCTV camera work of the city's sewer system.

Details of the RFP can be downloaded here. For more information, please contact City Hall at 913-795-2202.





Please register for Groupcast!!! It is a free service to let you know of any emergencies (boil orders, tornado warnings...). Please contact City Hall at 913-795-2202 or register online.

"Mound City is the most picturesque town in the state. It nestles close under the shelter of Sugar Mound which extends in the form of a crescent around the east and south sides of the town. Beautiful wooded hills are to be seen in every direction, with fertile valleys and winding streams between. On those hills grow thousands of hard and sugar maple trees. He who has not visited this quaint old town in the fall of the year after the frost has kissed the leaves of these sugar trees, causing them to blush as with maiden modesty, has not seen the real beauty spot of Kansas." - J.T. Botkin


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