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The Mound City Historical Park has three bells. The largest bell is the Mound City fire bell. it was on the south side of the street in the main block on a tower. It has a double clapper and was hung by a rope that hung to the ground. In case of a fire the bell was rung. With it's very clear tone, I am sure it was easily heard all over town.


The bell on the pedestal is a Frisco Bell dedicated to Wesley Chapel Community in memory of David and Ruth Campbell, founder members and early day pioneers of the community.






Rock Crusher

In the winter, farmers would make piles of rocks in their fields. The crusher would come and crush
the rock into lime. The farmers would load the lime in their wagons and scoop it onto the fields.
The crusher was also used to crush rock for the roads.


James Montgomery's Fort

The latest addition to the park is Montgomery's Fort, currently being reconstructed. This fort and home was
originally built 5 miles west of Mound City in 1856. The cabin was the site of border war confilt and a refuge for fugitive slaves.


Stone from Wattles' Home

The stone foundation of the reconstructed fort on the park came from the
original Wattles house in the Moneka Community 2 miles north of Mound City. While in Linn County, John Brown usually made his headquarters at Mr. Wattle's house.



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